A Epulum Pro Pravis

Avaritia, those who would garnish themselves with the finest of finery
At the expense of others, filthy peasants, heaven forbid rich purses grow lean
Their stringy flesh and brittle bone for your mill and rancid blood for your winery
Force them to pay, tax them for their own hard work, and forget not from their graves to glean

Invidia, covetous eyes beneath your luxurious crowns for gold of friends
To look at with malice while desiring greener pastures upon neighbouring shore
Surely to trade the blood of your own will make for fair trade and satisfactory spends
With green stained scarlet will grass be worth roses? Are we too satiated for more?

Acedia, the idle hand ringed with precious metals and precious gems, soft, fair
Well rested and careless of the hardened hand upon the plough or broken or maimed
Sleep well on sumptuous down and lavish silk adverse to gritty dirt and beast hair
Exhaust your jaw and tongue with commands; make others crack the whip on slaves to be tamed

Gluttire, eat heartily and drink deep of the misfortune of the hapless in need
Leave their crops barren and their wells parched while your lips are wet and your belly is gorged
Feast before and between feasts upon premium quality, vast quantity, feed
Certainly the poor starve faster than be slain should it be blade rather than bread forged

Luxuria, one’s own flesh ravenous for the flesh of another to pillage
Gratify your perversity by rapes, orgies; seducing infant, hag and beast
Pledge true to your other half and deceive with wench or as wench, forgetful marriage
Spill seed or bastard spawn undercover of secret to be dreaded if released

Ira, consumed by the voracious influence of fury and fear of the diverse
Employ bigotry lest those who are not like you are malign as you are to them
You know truth, nay, you are truth; persecute, exterminate those you cannot coerce
Castigate your feeble allies, disquiet them and incite hatred; let them condemn

Superbia, love all that you are above consideration of those whom kneel
Seated in extravagant chairs and superlative tables with puppets at hand
Weaving the fates of ally and adversary subdues them to praise at your heel
Assume deification for you are almighty with the world at your command


From my cold quill,
Erebus Nekromantia

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