Whispering Apologies

Written nearly eight years ago, this piece only seems to have appreciated in relevance as time goes on.


I sit there on the chair by the corner
Your eye twinkles in the light of the fire
The rest of your face is painted with shadow
Within our minds dwells the abusive choir.

So much was said, so little meant
And all the while we continue to fight
You catch me staring, I look away
My eyes blazing in the fiery light.

You stand by the window, outside is dark
The full moon shines through, the night is cold
Refusal to stand by the warmth of the fire
Rathering bitterness, you’d rather be bold.

The ice on your heart and the fire in my soul
You give me your cold shoulder, I burn you
I lift my glance from the flame and see
You are staring at me; you turn your head too.

And there we are, our souls bleeding together
From wounds we both inflicted on each other
Anger eating at us, our minds left in ruin
It’s over, too late, there’s no need to bother.

Then by the silence the tension fades
The calmness within washes over the skin
Perchance we look up to see ourselves again
No longer so mad, just cold and shaking.

The longer you stare, my fire resides
The ice on your heart splits, beginning to melt
Our flesh and faces soften, our eyes relax
Returning slowly to how we once felt.

I get up from my chair and walk to the cold
The night and the moon ending your game
I clasp your cold hands, from the window they stroke
And bring you back over to the life of the flame.

We sit by the fire upon the armchair
Your lips to my neck, there is no need to worry
My arms wrapped around you, I hold you tight
My chin to your ear, I whisper: “I’m sorry”


From my cold quill,
Erebus Nekromantia

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